Competency Development

Competency development is not a phrase but a core practice at SenecaGlobal

Competency Development: Competency development is a continuous process of assessing, maintaining, and enhancing the knowledge, skills, and attributes of associates in any organization. This enables the associates not only to play their current role well but also to increase their readiness to perform a higher role. Competency development is becoming a crucial strategic management tool in today’s work environment. Conventional methods of competency development deals with setting ambitious annual goals which are measured at the end of every year and designated with rating mechanism. These ratings are linked with monetary rewards and the focus gets shifted to these rewards rather than the feedback shared. SenecaGlobal believes in setting higher work performance goals which in-turn drive competency development of the associates. This enables achievement of higher work performance by the associate.

SenecaGlobal’s Approach:

At SenecaGlobal, competency development takes the highest precedence in conjunction with work performance and associates are expected to have a competency development plan every year. This helps associates measure their current competency levels, make sure they learn new skills, and enhance existing skills needed to add value to the business. It also helps managers make decisions about talent acquisition, retention, and career development. This assists the competency leader to plan for the training and development of the associate in alignment with business needs of the company.


At SenecaGlobal, one of the important Key Result Areas (KRA) for associates is competency development. Competency of an individual is holistic that includes functional, technology, managerial and behavioural skills. Associates are encouraged to acquire and enhance their skills thru various learning initiatives. They are required to apply the acquired skills and get professionally certified. The development of associates are periodically reviewed by a committee consisting of reporting manager of the associate, the business unit head and the competency leader. The committee provides developmental feedback to the associate for continual improvement of work performance and competency development. The committee also reviews the potential of the associates for further growth in the organization and plans for career development. The HR team facilitates the implementation of work performance and competency process and continuously monitors the progress made by the associates.

We are optimistic that this initiative would enable building a high performing organization.

About the author: HR Professional with significant domain expertise in performance management and competency development. He was associated with IT giants like Capgemini, Keane (NTT Data), Kenexa (an IBM company) and Randstad.

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